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Public International Law Problem Question Structure

Hiya I have an exam in public international law and I am bit of a pickle.

Usually my university are quite good with coursework and exam guidance. Most modules are very clear on what to expect in terms of summative assessments and how it is structured. They usually release guidance a few weeks before the exam on what to expect, what topics will be problem questions and what will be essay questions. For problem questions specifically they usually at length discuss how they should be structured in tutorials and what are the key issues and sub issues should be answered. For context here is a typical problem question structure.

Overall Issue:What is the general legal issue that needs to be discussed?

Then each paragraph focuses on a different sub issue and has the following structure.

Issue- What is the sub issue that needs to be discussed? What is up for contention? What needs to be resolved?
Rule - Which rule or authority do we refer to when discussing this particular legal issue and where does the authority come from? Which case law and statutes are relevant?
Application -Link the relevant law clearly to the facts: explain why a particular case or statutory provision does or does not apply to the facts of the legal issue.
Conclusion of Issue- Restate and conclude on the sub issue

Final Conclusion: Restate the Issue and provide a final answer/conclusion. Who is liable and to what extent, or has an offence been committed? What becomes of the issue? Is it resolved?

However for some reason they haven't released any guidance whatsoever. Furthermore, during the tutorial whilst we did discuss problem question, it was more of a debate/ asking everyone their thoughts on the question. When I tried to ask about spefic structure and what issues and sub issues our 'IRAC analysis' should include, I wasn't met with answer.

The only thing I do know is if it is based on tutorial topics, the following topics are going to be problem questions:

- The Law on Treaties
- Statehood
- The Law on the Use of Force

I have all this information, but no clue how to structure my answers and what specific key issues they might ask me analyse. I am so worried that they will mark me down for not adhearing to the IRAC structure (its happened prior due to a few minor mistakes I made). Help me come up potential structures I could use to answer problem questions on this topic because I am freaking out.

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