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Swansea vs kent for law? Which is better

Hi there, wanted to know some opinions and what to do. I have two clearing offers both from Kent and swansea law school but I'm struggling on which one to choose. I don't really focus on matters such as nightlife, or the city but more on university reputation and rankings. If anybody could pls help me in deciding which option is better for law LLB please let me know, thanks.
what was the grade offer from kent please
Original post by rashidschlad
what was the grade offer from kent please

both offers are unconditional from kent and swansea
Hi @hussein.kamboh

Congratulations on receiving your clearing offers.

I have finished my second year of Law LLB at the University of Kent, hope my insights at Kent can help you out. :smile:

Kent Law School is quite known for its critical approach to law. This means that the course is structured in a way that no only focuses on memorising legislations and case laws. Rather, we are taught to think about the law in context. This means to consider the law in its historical, political and modern context. I find this approach very helpful as it means the law is brought to life and easier to understand.

The University of Kent offers a lot of support to law students. On top of academic advisors, first year law students are also paired with mentors to give them advice on things such as settling into the University and getting used to studying the law. You can read more on this here: .The course is also structured in a manner that eases you into the course, so it is not too difficult to jump from A levels to University.

The University of Kent offers multiple opportunities at the "Law Clinic". This is where local people come in and receive legal advice from a team of professionals. Sessions are hosted weekly, so you can attend and listen to real life cases in an area of law that interests you. It is especially interesting for me to get an insight on how trained solicitors solve problems and deliver advice. More information on this can be found here:

Since my first year of law at Kent, I have already seen many opportunities to further develop my legal skills. For example, in first year I was able to participate in a mooting event, this allowed me to improve on independent research and develop confidence in public speaking.

Overall, I find studying at law to be fascinating, paired with the good levels of support I have received, I would recommend studying at the University of Kent. :smile:

P.S. Personally, I do not have much of a nightlife either, and that is totally fine. :smile: The University of Kent offers a lot of other events (drinking and non-drinking) all time around. I enjoyed picking up new hobbies by joining different societies and have made a close circle of friends without being involved in clubbing events.

As for the environment, the University of Kent has a really relaxing campus with lovely scenery. However, the city is easily accessible by public transport or by foot. Therefore, if you are looking for an area with a good mix of urban and countryside, Kent will be a nice choice. I hope this helps. :biggrin:

All the best :smile:
- University of Kent Student Rep
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