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Shifting from GCSEs to A-Levels

I moved to the UK in Year 10, and GCSEs were new to me and required me to catch up with a lot of knowledge quickly. Currently, I receive a combination of 6s 7s and 9s. I was wondering if it is possible for a student who receives around 6-8 average at GCSE to get A*s at A-Level.
What are some tips to bridge the gap between GCSEs and A-Levels
I am looking to take:
Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Further Maths(possibly)
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Your teacher should teach you in a way that bridges the gap quickly, meaning your not gonna jump in the deep end straight away. but if that is not the case. After each lesson i would go home and watch youtube videos on the topic from other teachers. then i would do exam paper questions religiously, like if my teacher taught a sub topic i would go to PMT and do all their example questions.

also stay on top of your work.

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