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How to make school life easier with social anxiety

As I’m going back to sixth form soon, how can I make getting through the school day easier as someone who suffers from social anxiety. Especially
In social situation’s and with friends and in class etc
Ugh, been there, done that! Uni student here, and I still do that.

I have a little tip for myself - 'if I doesn't matter in a year, it doesn't matter now'.

I struggle quite a lot with body issues and the way I look. A good friend told me once that people are too caught up worried about themselves - how they look, what they're doing - to worry about the things you're doing.

I struggled a lot at sixth form, especially with friends stuff - try and break down the day. I even do it at work sometimes. Think, 'I've just got through 5 minutes, I can do the next 5, then the next 5 etc'

You've so got this!

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