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Post study abroad depression

Struggling after year abroad

I spent 8 months in Spain working as an English teacher through the British Council program, which I left in June last year. I did this independently and not through uni, quitting my job to pursue my dream of working abroad.

As I didn't do this through uni, nobody ever warned me of the post year abroad depression! I'm only just learning about it now tbh. I've missed Spain ever since I left and although it's lovely to be home with friends and family, I still can't stop thinking about it. I've had three jobs since returning to the UK (one was only temporary and involved more travelling) and hate the one I'm currently in.

I've actually just come back to the place I lived in Spain for a few days, and have such a mixture of emotions. I love being here but I feel quite sad and empty. Like I don't live here anymore, I don't have the same flatmates, I don't work here... The life I had here has just gone! I was really emotional before I left foe good, I cried for a good few weeks.

I'm just struggling to sort out my feelings. Ever since I came back, I've had the dream of living in Spain permanently and teaching in an international school but I would still feel homesick for family and friends. I do love it here, more than the UK, it just feels safer and the lifestyle is so much more chilled.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out and need advice on, is if my desire to move to Spain is genuine or a part of the post study abroad depression..

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