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Struggling with placement (MH)


I’ve really been struggling with my MH since September which has been a culture shock for me as I’ve never struggled with anything before. I’ve had crippling anxiety and extreme depression which I’m now medicated for and receiving CBT but nothing is seeming to work.

I’m dreading the return to placement. I’ve already missed my first week and I missed 2 weeks of my previous block. I’m really struggling mentally and no one at uni seems to understand and they havent really supported me at all.

With that, I’m ok with the academics. Is there any possibility of me continuing the year with just academics and no placement? I would be willing to retake my 2nd year placement which would be done rather than me going into 3rd year. I know it sounds strange but I’m just so mentally unwell I feel like I need time off without suspending my studies.

Any advice would be great. TIA
I know someone close who is very similar to you but has not received treatment and is struggling to keep up with the workload because of the stress. I honestly don't know how to help them.

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