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I feel my tutor is overly critical

Hi everyone, im going to try and make this as short as possible. Bottom line is im 37 female and in my final year studying Illustration. I have a number of medical conditions hEDS ( hypermobility Elhers Danlos Syndrome) fybromialga, ASD , BPD and ADHD. I have lived a very challenging and complex life . I have 3 children but only my youngest is really dependent on me as my daughter lives with her dad and my eldest is 20. My youngest is 6 who also has ADHD and ASD. One of my main issues is my own ADHD, i really struggle to keep to one thing when it comes to assignments. Im a creative person and enjoy exploring different things . I am currently doing my latest project on mental health and have tried to Illustrate anxiety chronic pain and mental health using a number of methods. My tutor seems nice and i absolutely love I've only recently had her as a tutor so im still getting to know her , i love constructive criticism, however the last few times I've spoken to her regarding my work I've felt she is disappointed in it. She dosn't say it directly but she dosn't need to. I also feel she gives conflicting messages. She says my PP looks like something you'd see as a medical student not Illustration and wants me to change it ( too professional/ medical looking) we are told not to have tiny writing but she says 12 font is too big? And even though she knows i struggle with ADHD she has told me several times i need to stick to one direction but me exploring different mediums is apart of my learning and developing process. I have just left a pre presentation meeting with her and i just want to cry. I havnt felt so deflated in my work in a long time. I was quite proud of myself for the work i had done and i feel she dosn't take any of my conditions into consideration. I really am usually very open to criticism and advice but honestly the sound of disappointed in her voice hit me hard. Sorry i needed to let that out :frown:

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