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Help midlife crisis at 20

So I have always had high aspirations since I was in 10 and would always be proactive in school to prepare for my future. I had a gap year after GCSEs so finished my a levels in July 2023 and failed my a levels. I just turned 20 and I’m so lost in life Ik I want a high paying career but that needs grades I can’t attain.I really struggle with studying because of my adhd it’s impossible.What can I do HELPpppp
I want to go to uni but my uni subject requires 3As

I feel like a bum staying home whilst my friends enjoy uni I’m wasting my life away and feel like I’ll end up in a job centre in the future at this rate
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Is your ADHD controlled? That'd be the first step. Outside of that, it's likely you'd need to resit or get onto an access course - might need to compromise a bit on the level of university you apply to but there are routes open to you.

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