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Further Maths Mechanics Forces Question HELP

A uniform rod AB of length 6m and weight 2000N is hung from a point O by two light wires, each length 5m, attached to each end of the rod. A weight of 500N is placed at a point C, 2m from B. The tension in wire AO is T1 and that in wire BO is T2. The rod rests in equilibrium at an angle 𝜭 to the horizontal. The point X is directly below O and M is the midpoint of the rod.

Question: By taking moments about O, find the distances MX and XC.

I know that to take moments around a poitn I need the magitude of the force and the perpendicular distance but how am I supposed to find it?
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If you take moments about O, the tensions have zero moments so the moments due to M and C must balance. If you think about drawing a horizontal line through X and extend the veritical line through C, it should be fairly clear thats its just a simple ratio (with a bit of simple trig reasoning).
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