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I'm currently writing my personal statement for marketing and business /management degree would it be possible to adjust it to be able to apply for both a marketing /business / management degree as well as a advertising, pr, communications degree.

Yes, you can use a flexible structure for your personal statement that fits both marketing/business/management and advertising/PR/communications degrees. You can try splitting it into the following segments - Introduction, Interest, Relevant Experiences, Connection to University, Research on Location, and Conclusion. While maintaining a common thread through most sections, tailor the interests and experiences based on the relevance to each course by making subtle adjustments. Describe unique features or programs that attract you to each application in the university section. I would also recommend highlighting your location preference by mentioning the significance of your academic and personal growth. These minor adjustments to a general skeleton that you create first will save you time before applying and address the nuances of each program and university. Hope this helps.

Best of luck and cheers!
MSc International Business Student.

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