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Which is the better university for Bsc ( International Business )

I am an international student from India and am planning my Bachelor in International business in the UK. I have received offers from the following and am confused about which will be better overall. University of Leeds ( Bsc Int. Business), University of Birmingham (Bsc Int. Business), Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) (Bsc Int. Business), Oxford Brookes University (Bsc Int. Business). All these universities offer a placement year or a study abroad year.
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Bayes for sure although it’s not russell group it has a very renowned business school. Leeds is a bit better than Birmingham but not by very far. Don’t go to Oxford Brookes it’s low in the league tables and the city does not have much to do.
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agreed bayes would be the best bet, in London as well so make sure you can afford it

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