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Should I study a masters or a phd?

I'm currently a year 13 student and I have received offers for biomedical sciences and biological sciences at Warwick, Exeter, Bristol and Birmingham (I am mainly choosing between Warwick and Exeter). Although this might be early, I'm already thinking about my plans after doing my bachelors degree. I am planning to specialise in microbiology during biomed/biological sciences degree, and I would love to look at an astrobiology career (I am planning to do a masters at the University of Edinburgh after my bachelors). However I don't know if doing just a masters would cut it. From my knowledge, astrobiologists typically are researchers at universities and most of them have PhD's (I think), although astrobiology doesn't seem to be that big in the UK. I personally do not want to do an extra 3 years of university to get a PhD due to multiple factors such as time and financial difficulties. Is it worth doing a PhD?
One step at a time, I'd say. Go to Uni, and assess from there whether or not you want to stay in academia/research. You'll know more once you're in it.

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