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Hey everyone! So I'm currently a third year biomedical sciences undergraduate student at UCL, and I got an offer from Imperial to study for a master's degree in Immunology. My dream job is to become a life sciences/healthcare consultant, but I'm not really sure how to get there. Is my educational background good enough or will they be looking for someone with more business/strategy related education? My professional experience (internships) are also all in research laboratories. Would it be a good idea to try and get an internship in a consulting firm this summer? Any advice would be much appreciated :smile:
In my experience consultants generally pretty broad in background degree. It’s not unusual for them to take on economics, engineering, natural sciences, maths, medicine, law…

Top consultancy roles do require exceptional track record and you will have to prep good reasons for “why consultancy”. Yes, consultancy experience would probably be more valuable but consultants hire lots of grads without a consultancy internship. If you applied for a consultancy with industry specialist expertise in your area this will be a much stronger sell as well.

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