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AQA A-Level Chemistry - Learning Content

Hi everyone, I am a year 12 student currently studying aqa a level chemistry. I don't know what to use to learn the content for Chemistry, not like revise it but what resources should I use to learn the content off by heart to get an A*. I am currently making notes from the aqa approved textbook that our school gave us but I am not sure if that is the best thing to use as there are so many resources out there such as pmt, save my exams, chemrevise which I feel liek is too simple but I'm not sure. I realise that it is not just content alone that will get me an A*, like I need to do exam qs etc, but if we are talking solely about learning content, which resource(s) are the best to use. Any help/advice would be much appreciated!!!
My school got us both the CGP (thick) student books and the AQA Oxford approved ones. Im in year 12 too and in the same position as you. Im really behind but I know I can do it, im just lazy (predicted an A but haven't been getting anywhere near a'S IN CLASS due to 0 revision).
First watch this on 2x speed:
I can see you are keen to use past papers to your advantage and it shows you how to do just that

Watch Elliot rintoul during pre reading and allery chemistry before revision sessions or you can just use one (whoever you prefer).

Take notes as well.

Before you watch the vid read through the chapter your studying on CGP book or chem revise or Oxford (a bit wordy) to get a base level understanding then take notes with the video.

Make sure you understand it and then do exam qs. Do like 3 questions at a time with notes and add what you can see you've missed out to your notes from the marks you've lost. (the vid I linked explains this better)

and then make flashcards and review before topic tests :smile:
Hello, thank you for your reply! That sounds like a really good thorough method. Do you use the notes you made to make the flashcards?

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