The Student Room Group


*The first objective will be that we will create a plethora of social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which will raise awareness as one of the strengths of social media is its ability to spread information rapidly. By creating shareable content and encouraging users to share it with their own networks, we can exponentially increase the reach and impact of your campaign. This helps to ensure that the message reaches a wider audience and generates a greater understanding of the importance of combating technological crime. Additionally, reaching the target audience, who is everyone who accesses the internet and social media, which may be victims of crimes. We aim to have around 150 shares a week*

*The second objective for this aim will be that we will sell merchandise, specifically T-Shirts. Our T-Shirts will include a logo. The logo makes the campaign memorable, visually appealing, and effectively represents the purpose. Not only will it have a logo, it would also contain a slogan, which makes it catchy and effective, therefore if more people are seen wearing it, It can evoke emotions, create curiosity, or inspire action. Therefore, as well as using online platforms to raise awareness, T-shirts with a slogan and logo can serve as a conversation starter. When people see the message on the T-shirt, they may ask questions or express interest, creating an opportunity to share more about our campaign and educate them about the importance of combating technological crime.* 6

*The last objective will be to spread awareness about technological crime through poster distribution. The target is to distribute 50 posters per day for a 5-week period. By distributing 50 posters per day, we aim to reach a wide audience and maximize visibility. Over the course of 5 weeks, this would amount to a total of 1,750 posters. Each poster serves as a visual reminder of the risks associated with technological crime, helping to educate and inform the community. The posters can include tips on how to stay safe online, common scams to watch out for, and contact information for reporting suspicious activities. By consistently displaying these posters, we can increase awareness, encourage vigilance, and empower individuals to protect themselves from technological crime. Most importantly, to ensure this we will need to approval from the local council to give out these posters. Moreover, if we spread a poster to a victim, they may reach out and we can help them.*

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