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Advice on A Levels to pick

I want to pursue a career in either the law or accounting. I'm thinking of doing A LEVELS Law Sociology and Accounting. Some people are telling me to Switch out Law for Politics and Sociology for Criminology as they are more respected.
Also heard Criminology is an level 3 diploma not sure if that's good for universities
I do feel like I would enjoy Criminology more but I'm not sure if I should switch it. Any advice
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For Accounting you will need A level Maths. And if you dont enjoy Maths, rethink this as a degree/career.

And Criminology isnt an A level, its a daft WJEC diploma full of True Crime nonsense and with very limited academic credibility. It certainly isnt 'respected' by leading Unis.

Law, Sociology and something else other than Accounting - Business, English, History, Politics etc?

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