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Social Life and Night Life at Kingston

When it comes to the social life and night life at Kingston there is lots to get involved in. I myself have joined cheerleading, started a French course and work as a student ambassador, while also taking the opportunity to explore London and its night life. It’s safe to say I have got pretty involved in what Kingston has to offer and so thought I would share some insight about my experience of my first year so far.

Societies Often this is one of top ways suggested to make friends at uni and I would agree. At first, I was a bit nervous about joining cheerleading as I had very little experience, but I soon found out for many sports societies no experience is needed and I’m impressed with how much I have learnt so far. Cheer and many other societies have a social every week plus the weekly training sessions, so there lots of opportunities to get to know other people. The socials so far have included things like themed nights at the pub, drunk bowling, a Christmas dinner and an open gym session. Although, it’s not a society I thought I’d mention the Learn a Language Scheme here at Kingston, as I have started learning French and I have a in person lesson once a week which is a great way to meet people from across the university.

Wednesdays at the Mill Every Wednesday at a local pub, the Mill, is a student night where the drinks are super cheap and lots of students go. The sports socials are also often held here on a Wednesday so it's a fun and busy atmosphere. Then at the beginning of every month, usually the first Wednesday of the month there is ‘Cougar Chaos’, it’s like a joint social with the sports teams, anyone is welcome not just sports teams, and this is a bigger student night where the Mill is open later than usual and has a DJ. The Mill also offers other events like a Pub quiz on Tuesdays, hold pool tournaments and show football matches.

Clubbing When it comes to clubbing in Kingston there are two clubs, Pryzm and Bacchus. Pryzm is a pretty standard club experience, there’s three rooms and they hold lots of freshers and student events. Pryzm is right across the road from the Weatherspoon’s in Kingston and near the train station so is in an convenient location. There is also a Weatherspoon’s in Surbiton which is ideal for those who live in Seething Wells. Then Bacchus is a smaller club, with just one room but still a good night.

Going out in central London Being close to London is great as there is so much going on, especially when it comes to night life. It can sometimes be quite expensive but there’s definitely ways to save money. In terms of getting back from a night out there is lots of night buses which make it really cheap as it’s only £1.75 a journey and with a student oyster card you get money off this too! Another good way to cut costs is if in a group splitting an uber/taxi, especially if going out in places closer to Kingston like Vauxhall, Brixton, and Clapham. And although I have not been myself, I have heard that students living at the Kingston Hill campus go on nights out in Putney as it’s a really short bus and taxi journey from that Campus.

Student union Kingston has two student union bars one at Knights Park and Kingston Hill. As I live in Middle Mill, I have only been to the Knights Park bar which has events most Fridays with a DJ that can be quite busy.

Part- time work Another great way to make friends is part-time work. Like I mentioned earlier I have become a Student Ambassador which has been a great opportunity to meet people all across the university who study a range of different subjects.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask :smile:
-Grace(Kingston Rep)

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