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Disclosing mental health issue at work

Usually about 2 weeks before my period I become incredibly anxious & depressed, I don't want to go into too much details but when I'm experiencing this, issues & problems that I can usually handle end up having a very negative impact on me, about half a year ago I ended up in hospital after attempting something bcs of this.

After I left the hospital my GP said that for severe pms they could give antidepressants & birth control as well as therapy. But the thing is when my period starts & this depressive period ends I feel completely fine and normal. I ended up not taking the pills & I didn't take therapy.

Now this is where I need advice, at work (I work as a cafe assistant) I often feel overworked and feel underappreciated - most of the times I can deal with this and it doesn't affect me much. But recently one of my managers yelled at me and usually this wouldn't affect me at all, but bcs of the period probelm I've described above I ended up becoming very emotional, anxious & distressed about what had occurred. When ppl yell at me during this time I find it quite triggering & all of the other issues (overworked etc) that I usually can cope with hit me all at once

So a few days later I ended up texting my manager, basically asking her to 'give me advice & constructive feedback in a more calm collected manner due to my mental health issues'. I didn't want to reveal my mental health issues at work but I decided to just let her vaguely know so she could have a less scary tone next time.

But now my manager has said she wants to take this 'further' & that she's going to bring in witnesses & review CCTV footage. The thing is I'm not sure if my GP actually diagnosed me with depression or pmdd. For each appt I had a different doctor so in my last appt which was about 5 months ago I told the GP that i was fine (as I've said above its only certain times of the month I feel very depressed & anxious) & so it was left at that. Since then I havent spoken to them.

Now my problem is when my manager asks me what mental health issue I have I'm not sure what to even say. Bcs my GP never directly me told me I had 'xyz' mental health issue and when I left the hospital last year after attempting I never really got any further support & I often feel as though I'm just exagerrating and that I'm not actually ill. I don't think I have depression as that's smth which affects a person all the time, but I do get bouts of depression & anxiety before my period which can cause events like the above- my GP reffered to this as severe pms but i don't have an official diagnosis so If my manager asks for evidence of having a mental health condition I'm not sure what to do. I'm not even sure what mental health condition to say I have in the first place.

I plan on going to the GP soon to talk to them about my period issues soon again as I've realised that this issue is having an affect on all aspects of my life (work, college, home etc) but I meet my manager this saturday so it worries me that It might just look like I'm making stuff up as I haven't had a proper consulation

Also the thing about my period issue is that I'd have an outburst / mental breakdown & feel severely depressed but then a week after I'd be completely fine and be like another person, I don't know how to explain this at work as that will further make it look like I'm just making stuff up. I recently got asked by a different manager as to why I had a breakdown last week, but like I said before I don't know how to explain my symptoms so I literally just stood their frozen untill they said I didn't have to talk about it

Sorry for the long post I just really needed to rant
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