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Careers advice electrician vs electrical engineering

Hey, student room, can a level 3 electrical engineer get a gold card for electrician work in the UK? Or would I need to do a separate electrician course at college or an apprenticeship?
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In the UK even if you had a PHD in Electrical Engineering, you cannot get a Gold Card for electrician installation work in the UK. You can be the project leader that has an electrical installation job included in it but can't do the actual installation itself. For that you require technical qualifications such as these: Level 3 NVQ in Electrical Installation or NVQ for Experienced Workers .

These need to be accompanied by the Level 3 18th Edition Wiring Regulation Course and Level 3 Initial Verification or Level 3 Inspection & Testing

If you complete a Level 4 certificate in electrical design afterwards, it will effectively make you a project leader too, making the university route slightly unnecessary if you want to do actual installation work too.

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