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Electricity bill

So basically back in October I had an electrician come over and do regular (annual) checks on the supply and many more things on my house. And I have realised my electricity bill has doubled. Then I checked my usage and I figured it out that before October my usage was around 300-350 kw/h for a month. And now it is about 1500-1700kw/h a month. Also I have not changed any appliances and still using the same. Also the electrician said that my door bell is giving him an "odd" reading and so he completely switched it off bearing in mind i have used that door bell for the last 10 years and never had a issue with it.

So finally my question is it possible that the electrician made a mistake in their calculation that has made my electricity meter run faster than cheetah. And because of this I am in debt of more than 6k.

What should I do?

(Sorry for a long paragraph)
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I've also had a engineer come over from my electricity supplier to check the meter and they say the meter is perfectly fine. So I believe it could my houses supply. But, I have no knowledge of this matter and I seek guidance. Can someone please tell me what to do. The electrician was sent by a company which I do have details about.
i think the electrician did something horrible. i wouldn't let him do check ups in your home again. i would also be cautious of the company that sent him to your home.

are you able to turn on the door bell? i think it's fine since it caused you no trouble in the past decade.

i hope someone comes and gives advice

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