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Anorexia vs University/A levels?

Hi everyone,

I am in year 13, so due to sit my A-levels from May. I have struggled with anorexia since I was 13, and it has gotten so bad now that I am struggling to juggle my mental health and school.
I have an appointment coming up soon with eating disorder services, and I am worried that they will pull me out of school or even send me to a day patient or inpatient clinic.
In this case, do I try to sit my A levels still somehow, or would I be better to resit next year? And even if I still pull through and sit the exams, am I likely to get to a very dark place mentally and get poor grades?
My parents want me to sit my A levels, and then take a year out to focus on myself, but I think that waiting until June is too long, I feel so mentally and physically awful. I also have the choice to push through with exams, and risk my mental health getting even worse, or I can take a break from school and get my mental health better before I sit exams, whether that is this year or next year. It's really stressing me out.
I'm just so stuck between school and mental health right now.
Any advice would be really helpful :smile:
I’m currently suffering from depression and self harm and due to take my exams in may/june.
It depends…
What I did was I worked from home for a while which helped because I was able to work at my own pace and didn’t have to be in school which is a big trigger towards my mental health. This then also gave me time to work on my mental health as I could attend therapy sessions and basically just have time to focus on myself while learning. I am now back in school on a reduced timetable (6 lessons rather than 15)

This is an idea if you want to sit your exams this year but I guess it depends on whether your willing to wait a whole year to sit your a levels (I know exams can be a big stress on people’s mental health). You’ll also have to take into account you’ll then be a year behind so you’ll technically be in the year below.

I hope this helps 😊
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Put your health first. Exams and time in education can be repeated, but your health and life cannot.
Also exams are already pretty stressful, and you'd want to be in decent health so you can concentrate on them properly.

Hope things get better for you :smile:

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