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Am I just being lazy?

I moved back home after quitting uni, have had a job for 6 months, pay my parents money each week to live at home- definitely not as expensive as renting- so I am grateful that I’ve been able to save up some money.

I don’t want to go back to uni, realised I didn’t like the lifestyle so I’m going to apply for apprenticeships instead.

Anyway- uni wasn’t the cause of my mental health issues but did make them worse, since moving back to my parents house, I have spiralled into worse depression due to lack of need to go anywhere and friends not living close by. I basically am now too anxious to leave the house, I used to go outside and go for walks everyday. My sister suggested seeing a film tomorrow and I kind of freaked out at the idea, just heard her talking to my mum and my mum said “she just sits in her room everyday doing nothing” which is true. But I don’t feel like my family understand that I’m depressed. I have been to the drs and have been prescribed Zoloft.

Am I just being lazy or is it depression? I think of all the things that might trigger me if I leave the house and it puts me off going out. But then maybe I don’t want to deal with the triggers because I’m lazy? Idk. I feel like I’m depressed for no reason. i feel embarrassed because my family just see me as useless and selfish.
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depression doesn't require a reason. are you getting therapy? sounds like it might be helpful

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