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Resitting my GCSE Maths - Sheffield

I'm an adult learner, just need to retake my GCSE maths to be eligible for a better career path that I'm currently looking to pursue. I'm based in Sheffield, and I can't seem to find a centre that accepts adult learners. I've called/emailed around 20 today. Any tips?
If you don't have a grade 4 / grade C pass, local colleges should be able to offer a free course and free exams starting in September. If you just want to take the exams, many schools will not take adults as private candidates for safeguarding reasons. Further education colleges and independent tuition providers are generally the best bet. You have left it late to try to book for this summer, can you wait until the November exams? Centres have done their initial entries and, while some will consider doing late entries, their fees will be high. If you have transport and are not horrified by the prices, Tutor and Exams in Doncaster are worth a look.
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Thanks for the reply! My old school signed me up at the very last minute, so I'll be retaking my maths and english in May/June!
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