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Which Science subject to take?

I'm home educated and need to sit at least one science at I/GCSE to ensure I have best chances for future career prospects. For example, if I wanted to be a primary school teacher (not sure yet what I want to do), I MUST have I/GCSE Grade 4 or above in one science.

I hate chemistry so that's not happening. Physics I find boring. Pretty much same for Biology. But if I had to choose one between biology and physics - any suggestions on which would theoretically be the easiest at exam please?

Other subjects I will definitely be taking, to give an idea of skill set are:

1. English Language
2. English Literature
3. Maths (Higher)
4. History
5. Religious Studies
6. French
7. Latin

Also considering Sociology or Psychology - but not sure which atm.
I think this depends on what you think you might want to do in the future. I would honestly suggest that both physics and biology are very useful later in life. Psychology involves a lot of biology, so if you want to pick psychology I would recommend picking physics as well to ensure you are as well rounded as possible.
Biology has lower grade boundaries than physics, although the content is typically harder to learn.

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