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A-level choices and pick the right A-level subjects and options

I would like to ask about A-level choices and pick the right A-level subjects as the options. I was thinking of pursuing an A-level in Science which is the subject such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I was wondering after completing A-level in science, if I do not want to pursue science courses such as Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy. Suddenly, I want to pursue non-science courses such as Law, International Relations or others. Does that guarantee me and allow me to continue non-science courses if I take A-level in science ? I'm sorry to ask a question like these because I do not want to waste my study time and money.
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So, from my experience, unless you’re doing a physics related science degree, most science degrees require Biology and often Chemistry as well. I think humanities subjects are more lenient with what A-levels you have but may require an essay subject, so I’d suggest doing one or two of those as well (I.e. English Lit, History, Geography etc)

The other thing to bear in mind with switching course direction is your personal statement. If you change your aim after Year 13, chances are you will have already applied to university (of course, this isn’t required, but even if you take a gap year you generally apply in Yr 13). There’s not really the space to discuss multiple subjects in your personal statement, as it’s usually tailored to a specific course or maybe 2 course subjects. So, this is just something to consider in when you decide which path you want to take, because if you decide after your application, you can reject any offers and reapply, but UCAS applications cost £26 a time so you’ll probably have to pay it again.

Hope this helps :smile:

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