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vent-things my parents hate about me

things my parents hate about me -

my voice (my mum used to say since I was 3 , I never sang again

, my face (parents always have to remind it about me) , my teeth , my body(my mum says if i had a slim body , i would look good like her friends daughter) , my laugh , my smile , my eyes , my stomach , my art , my abilities , my scores , my marks :smile:
im so sad to see this hasn't gotten any replies!
look, it sucks when parents say this kind of stuff to you. and it's not as simple as 'just don't take it to heart'. but the best thing i can think to say to you is that your parents' opinions aren't the only opinions in the world. it can feel like what they say about you is the be all and end all, bc they raised you didn't they? they should know!
but the truth is that they don't, not always. if you're happy where you are in your singing, your art, your appearance... then what's the matter?
my parents yell at me day in day out for not studying enough, simply because i take breaks now and then. and while on the one hand it makes me feel like crap bc all my hard work feels invalidated, i know that despite what they say, or make me feel, i have done lots of work today. its an objective fact, not a subjective opinion. so i can feel better about it, to the point where i don't care anymore even if they tell me rudely that im going to fail my exams, bcause i know that i won't.
in the same way, if you know your grades are good, then why does it matter if your parents dont agree? lets say you got 90% on a test, but ofc your mom wants 100%. well you didn't meet her expectation, but is 90% a bad grade just bc its not the grade your mom wants? no!
if you're happy with your art, if your singing makes you feel good, does it matter at all if your parents dont like it? not at all! i don't see the appeal in, say, the mona lisa. its just a portrait, overrated imo. does that mean that its a bad painting? no, it's just me who doesn't see the appeal or understand the big deal personally, same way your parents dont personally care for your work etc.
that's not to say its excusable, ofc your parents ought to support you and its shameful of them to take your self esteem down all the time. but hopefully this helps you look at it a little differently, so their meaningless, jealous comments don't get you down as much :smile:
feel free to reach out of you want someone to chat to! have a nice day ^^

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