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How to deal with these moods?

One instance: It’s after school/there’s no school today, it’s 5pm, the weather is darkening but still light, it’s lonely, I miss childhood, my mood is off because not only I’m bored, but also all these things combined

Another instance: It’s morning, I hate the daylight, I want to continue sleeping because getting up and facing the sun (no joke) is too tedious and boring, it’s too calm and lonely. I’m an introvert so I also don’t want to talk to a friend
maybe try getting into new hobbies reading, baking, etc... or even a new series to watch something you will look forward to doing after a long day
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watch a good movie or show(i'd recommend The Nice Guys), it can really help you distract yourself. Also maybe do some sort of exercise, it helps release serotonin(happy hormones)

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