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Higher level phrases in AIC

does anyone have any higher level phrases I can use in my an inspector calls essays?
I'm not sure if you mean higher-level thinking points (basically grade 7+ points) or you mean vocabulary & phrases.
HLT points :

Finally, the inspector concludes with "We are all members of one body", literally this conveys that we should all be responsible for our actions collectively however metaphorically this could mean that for example if one organ in the body stops working the body would shut down, the body could symbolise society and it's the collective thread with each action taken.

Mr Birling calls Eric "my boy" upon finding out about his actions, the possessive pronoun "my" conveys that Mr Birling may be indicating that his relation with his son belittles whatever major action he might have done. This links back to the class division as the upper class were never held accountable, especially in regards to the lower class, moreover, the lexical choice "boy" connotes innocence and purity which juxtaposes Eric's action. Priestley may have done this to show that the younger generation holds much more hope in society than the older generation who remain static throughout the play.

These are the only points I could think of on the spot , let me know how much more you want if you do!

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