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How to learn A-Level Maths (EDEXCEL) for June!

Hi everyone,
Keeping anonymity but I was wondering how easy it is to spend this remaining time ( March+Apr+May ) to learning the entire specification from scratch. How long did it take those who sat bythemselves?

Hi - I’ve finished my maths and further maths course and I know one person who’s studying maths on their own.
If you were good at maths at gcse (and I assume if you’re thinking of doing this you were) and you work every day all day, I think you could do it.

The first quarter of the course is just harder gcse stuff then you gotta learn a bunch of intergration/differentiation methods etc for next quater. My friend did this over a couple months with other subjects. The applied side of the course is newer but is essentially just rote learning (and if you’ve done physics a lot of the content in mechanics is duplicated).

If you are working on this, and only this, and have your other a level subjects in the bag, and you’re clever, think you could do it in three months.

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