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Is Uplearn too basic to get an A*?

I am an independent student using uplearn to do maths and physics A-levels so I only have that and whatever other resources I can find on youtube or wherever to learn from. My exams are in June. I need to get at least AA. I am worried that while uplearn claims it will help you get A*s the lessons are so so basic and even after I complete a section I can go and look at actual exam questions on the topic and not have a clue how to answer. Do I keep on with Uplearn and trust the process or do something else?! I can't afford a tutor.
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exactly, i tried the free trial but though it provides the information necessary for success it does not go into depth. I'm currently using the chemistry tutor for chem, miss estruch for bio and the edexcel books for maths and they're wonderful for me. Since i'm in year 12 i'm thinking of learning all the content this year and making flashcards + using pmt for topic tests and then going onto past papers

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