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Hi, I’m struggling to choose a sector for my work placement ( catch22) It’s either victim support or well being services of men 18+ on probation. I want to work with the IOPC in the future & thinking to consider the probation service. Which one is more suitable ? Thank Youu
Hello, I would recommend doing whichever placement appeals to you most upon reading the specific placements' descriptions as both placements appear to align with your career goals. I would also advise contacting your university's Careers and Employability team as they should be able to provide you with more detailed career guidance and support based on the career path you'd like to take.

Wrexham University
Hi there,

Choosing a sector for your future placement is an important decision considering your career aspirations with the IOPC.

Although both sectors offer valuable experiences, they also cater to different aspects of support services.

Considering your interest in working with the IOPC, a placement in probation services might offer more relevant work experience as it provides a broader understanding of the criminal justice system. However, victim support work is also relevant as it deals with the aftermath of crime directly.

Eventually, the most suitable option depends on the area you align with more based on your interests and where do you see youself contributing most effectively and efficiently in the future.

Remember to reflect on your core skills, how do you want to develop them and which type of work do you find most fulfilling. Also make sure to reach out to prefessionasl in the industry; such as, your lecturers on mentors, who can share the best advice.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,

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