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GCSE mock grades

My mocks were bad in year 10, i had 5/6s when I’m predicted 7/8s, and I know these December mocks won’t go too well because I don’t remember a lot of content from 2 years ago :frown: does anyone have any advice to really improve my grades in the next few months before GCSEs? People who I’ve asked who got straight 9s keep saying they already had good mocks from the start, do their advice isn’t too applicable to me. Has anyone had bad mocks at the beginning of the year and massively improved by the end? :frown:
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I am completely on the same boat as you, i was getting predicted grade 4s and 5s in my year 10 mocks. My teachers have said that now i have a better chance of gaining 7/8/9s

I have found that flash cards/revision cards work best for science, maths i would advise tutoring and lots of past papers, english watch youtube videos and study the texts ALOT.

If you are doing languages then i would advise learning formal vocabulary. If you are doing history/rs then learn structure and all key dates/references.


Ask your teachers what will come up in the december mocks, so you can perfect those areas then move on to other parts of your other subjects. Apart from maths, the entire syllabus is not tested on.

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Hi guys,

I am in year 12 in my a-levels. I remember last year I was in the EXACT same position as you and I was on grade 5/6 and wasn't seeing anything. I was super stressed cuz I defo wanted to get into a good uni to study science maybe chemistry.

I found myself this GOATED tutor that helped me soo much and is the main reason how I improved. I ended up getting 1 grade 9 for science and 2 grade 8's and improved immensely. He has a high success rate and at good cost, provides a free lesson as well to see how u guys find it.

I highly recommend him and can't thank him enough if u want I can share his number with u pm if u want to ask him for lessons.

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