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Year 13 Mental Health


I am currently in Year 13, I do two coursework subjects and have finished half of the work for the two, i get okay grades predicted A in one B in the other, however since September my mental health has gone down hill I am depressed I suffer from OCD Anxiety ETC and my college is the reason, I’m struggling to go in everyday and I am being emotionally bullied by someone there. I don’t want to continue I’ve thought about it for months I struggle to get out of bed. I want to live a successful life and do a Level 6 Apprenticeship eventually , I’m thinking of doing an online course worth 3 A Levels. Please don’t judge too harshly as I have a lot in my personal life and from the bullying but I haven’t dropped out yet, what should I do? The subjects I study at A Level are useless to what I want to do in the future and despite my high predicted ABB I only got into two unis because I want to study Business and none of my subjects are like this.

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