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A-level urgent economics help

yall i am cooked because my actual A-levels are in may which is only a few weeks away. my grades currently for econ are not looking good because i am getting U's and i need at least a B or C. does anyone know how i can get it to there and what resources i can use and how to revise.
Resources that are useful:
・EconPlusDal on YouTube covers everything coherently in a short duration and has a structure that works if your teacher isn't the best.*
・Physics and Maths Tutor Economics Notes: Covers the specification and gives some suggestions for further reading.*
・Tutor2U-Live streams are quite useful and give good examples and knowledge.*
・Read the news or Wikipedia on past events. Just search for the topic you want, and recommendations will pop up.*
・Expert Tuition Economics Practice Questions (Every question that's shown up is split into that specific topic, so it's easy to tailor and adapt to questions on specific topics.
・Go beyond the Spec with further reading or undergrad content (only needed for A*, tbh).
・Ensure you know all the diagrams. (Most diagrams allow you to add additional stuff to make them more relevant to the question, leading to stronger analysis.) However, this isn't needed in the DRQ’s or SAQ’s (assuming your Edexcel Route A).*

At the end of the day, it's just about putting in the effort to learn the content and structure. While being concise and completing the full paper. If you can do all of that, you will get an A*, and if you can do 70% of that, you'll get a B.
so it not too late to start revising all the themes now?
Original post by bloodless-double
so it not too late to start revising all the themes now?

You definitely have more than enough time available to cover everything. I'd advise prioritising theme 1 first, as it's the basics of economics and will provide a strong foundation for the other themes. For the remaining themes, focus them in an order of weakest to strongest. I'd also advise using a physics and maths tutor economics notes first to cover the content. But if there are days in which you aren't in the mood to revise, watch 1 or 2 Econplusdal videos since it doesn't feel like revision (only around 20 minutes of passive revision). After using both Econplusdal and physics and math tutor economic notes, you can begin looking into more complex links and interesting views for evaluative points through tutor2u live streams or further reading.*

Try and put at least 1 hour aside a day for revision, and you will be completely fine as there are still 62 days before the first economics exam. And, tbf, if you've retained any knowledge from class, you probably won't require more then 30 hours of revision.
thank youu! i think retaining knowledge from my class is very difficult because some people in my class also tell me at the end of the lesson that they do not understand what the teacher went through.

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