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Warwick Economics - AS Further maths?

I am considering applying for Warwick Economics next year, and in order to do so I want to fit the criteria as best as I can. I currently take Maths, Economics, Physics, History and EPQ in Y12, and am considering taking further maths AS next year so that I have some additional mathematics to improve my uni application, as it was recommended by my econ teacher, as she has knowledge of all the successful applicants to Warwick for econ in the past at my school. However, in Warwick’s website, it states that further is not considered more highly than any other valid a level. Is it worth me taking further maths? Or would a strong TMUA score suffice to help my entry to Warwick?
Addition - will possibly drop physics as most unis only look at your top 3 grades, to reduce my workload if I take both EPQ and AS further.

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