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About solicitor degree apprenticeships

Do you know is it like law degree like do you have to do so much reading and writing like u would at uni because I swear apprenticeship does the practical work part of the job which is solicitor I’m so confused if anyone is doing one rn if you could reply would be helpful???

Are you looking for answers? My cousin's an apprentice, but even he could not properly decipher what you were trying to say. Please be more specific and a bit more clear.

His attempted comments?

'We complete the same amount of reading and writing as traditional law undergraduates. I'm only in my first year, but it is still quite a bit to manage. My firm's partnered with BPP, other firms/universities might have different essay systems. However, it's much more flexible than the traditional route; everything is online and I don't have any weekly lectures, but every month or so I go to BPP for one day.'

'The practical part of the job? I need to understand what you're looking for (specifically) because I really do not understand. Are you asking for my day-to-day responsibilities or are you asking how much the practical part of the job resembles a solicitor. However, I'll try explain best I can. I go into the office 3 times a week (Mondays are my study day and Fridays I work from home.) It's very practical, in comparison to university. I have been able to work on a few high profile matters; I've been to the courts of justice and served papers all across London. All in all, the practical side has a lot of reading, drafting and summary based work. (I'm in a very litigious heavy seat)'

'You won't miss out on the social side of university either - I've been to Spain, all up an down the country and I travel a lot on weekends. Most firms have sports teams, and I've visited different schools in London to talk about my journey. I'm part of exciting groups (not just at the firm) and it's only the beginning.'

Anyway I hope that helped, he said if you would like more information or anything just reply and I'll let him know.
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