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Hi everyone. I am 23 year old. My grandmother (who is 85 years old) has tried to ruin my mother's life in every possible way and it is affecting my mental health.

My mother has a house in Sri Lanka. My grandmother has been looking after the house for years as my mum, siblings and I live in the UK and hardly go to Sri Lanka. My mum has now decided to sell the house. My grandmother has made every attempt to stop that from happening even though she does not own the house and has a house of her own. She constantly treats my mother as a child saying that the house is a family home even though it is not. She has been calling estate agents acting as if she is the owner and we now learn that she secretly rented the property to someone without telling my mum. She receives the rent money and does not give any of it to my mother. My mum does not want to take legal action against her own mother but I feel it is the only solution. My grandmother has always been abusive and never had my mother's interests at heart. I am so hurt by my grandmother's actions as I just cannot fathom how she can be so evil.

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