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MSc Dissertation

Hi all,
Can you join my study on Student Mental Health!
Are you a university student in the UK or Nigeria? Aged 18 and over?
I am currently an MSc Applied Clinical Psychology student, and I would appreciate your participation in my study focusing on understanding the mental health experience of students.

What's Involved?

Complete an online questionnaire about your experiences with stress, social support, and mental health.

Your responses will help us gain insights into how social support influences mental health outcomes among university students.

Why Participate?

Contribute to important research aimed at improving student well-being.

Your input can inform targeted interventions and support services for students like yourself.

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Your participation is confidential, and your insights are invaluable. Thank you for considering joining our study on student mental health!

I am happy to complete your study too if you leave a comment or send me a message!
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