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Mature student BTEC Level 3 diploma on acting


I am 27yrs old in a few months (when I would start my study)
And when I was at college (UK) I chose the wrong course and never went back to study my dream course of Level 3 diploma in production and performance in acting. The course changed to 16-19yrs only the year after I started my a levels and have kicked myself ever since that I did not change my course when I should have. I was in my early 20s then the perfect time to study performing arts. I have regretted this decision ever since

Would I be too old to study a level 3 Extended Diploma in acting designed for 16-19yrs? The course is at my dream college I studied at before, but my track record is not the best. I have previously applied but messed my audition up.

Would it be possible to study even though the age group is below me? I have desired to study this course since the first time I saw it but I was living with undiagnosed autism and did not have the confidence.

Any advice and comments I would appreciate

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