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Transitioning mental health support from home to uni?

Hi !

After a really bad period last year, I got urgently admitted to seek mental health support within my local government. I'm living in the EU, and this isn't normally the case. Most commonly, you go through the GP and wait on a waiting list for a very long period of time and just wait until ultimately you get 1 session a month. Safe to say, this wont suffice for me, and I'm worried about how I'll cope once I get to university.

I'm planning to study in Scotland, originally from England, I know the NHS and the mental health system in the UK is just absolute ****. I want to continue having regular therapy and treatment as soon as I move to Scotland, knowing the change of moving away from family and friends will be hard enough in itself, along with my pretty heavy mental illnesses. I don't quite know how to go about this, and I'm scared to ask and give a whole mental health history to a counsellor at uni before I even get there.

I've looked into some of my choices mental health services, and most commonly they have a 1 session system, where essentially you get one session and it's a 'go as required' type of situation. Again, this isn't what I'm used to or able to cope with the day-to-day with. I'm independent in seeking mental health support, won't get any financial support from family to go private, and all in all am just *very* scared! Does anyone have any experience/guidance on dealing with a situation like this? Would be very greatly appreciated!! <3

Thanks :smile:
Your best bet is to go private. NHS mental health waiting lists in Scotland are an absolute joke. I have been on a waiting list for nearly 10 months - was referred in circumstances that would normally be considered fairly urgent as well. Good luck.

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