Open Days Calendar

When you're deciding which universities to add to your UCAS application, it's crucial to arrange some open day visits.

Going to an open day gives you a chance to get a feel for a university and to see its facilities and accommodation first-hand. You'll also be able to ask questions of staff and meet current students.

Our open day calendar lists open days for universities and other higher education institutions across the UK. You can browse by date, institution or faculty to find upcoming open day dates.

If you're a representative of a higher education institution, you can add a university open day to the list.

Find an Open Day

  1. Wed, 1 Jun '16
  2. Sat, 4 Jun '16
  3. Sun, 5 Jun '16
  4. Wed, 8 Jun '16
  5. Thu, 9 Jun '16
  6. Fri, 10 Jun '16
  7. Sat, 11 Jun '16
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