Revision:Aqa english language exam

Section A (1h 15min) - Reading

(Q1) 8 marks , 12 minutes Focus of the question: Information Retrieval What do you learn about….. or what do you understand about… Be detailed - picking out key points Make sure to cover the whole text Use quotations.

(Q2) 8 marks , 12 minutes Focus of the question: Presentational Features Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text Explain how they are EFFECTIVE as well as how they link to the text.

(Q3) 8marks, 12 minutes

Focus of the question: Interpreting Explain the thoughts and feelings the writer has during… Detail what each thought or feeling is - try to be precise Support with precise short quotation adding interpretation Make sure to include any change in mood ir feeling highlighting the contrast or change/development.

(Q4) 16marks, 24 minutes Focus of the question: Analysing language features Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. Pick out similarities but also differences Pick out points you can explain fully.

Section B (1h) - Writing

(Q5) 16marks - 24 minutes

Will either be Inform and Explain or Explain and Describe Make use of the senses to describe - sight,sound, touch, smell, taste Colour Movement Create a mood - either positive or negative and fit you language choices to that mood

(Q6) 14marks - 36 minutes Argue or Persuade. Take and attitude and argue strongly - perhaps more strongly than you believe You don’t have to believe what your writing Don’t be offensive, you don’t know what age, gender, religion, race or sexuality the examiner is. In both you should aim to use language devices.

Think of some general metaphors to memorise before the exam if you can’t think of them on the spot.