My Alevel Journey [AKA MY PERSONAL BLOG :D]


    (Original post by shohaib712)
    Cool we can help each other out then
    How are you finding biology revision?

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    It's good but so much to memorise u ?
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    Lol same.
    I find understanding the stuff makes it easier to memorise. But some parts are really confusing (more confusing than chemistry for me)

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    Wow amazing grades!!!
    Don't listen to them, lol my school is doing the exact opposite. Just try hard and if you don't get in you could try doing graduate degree.


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    SHORT UPDATE: 06/10/2016

    What I did since last update:

    * Made my CV
    * Sorted out school letters etc..
    * Caught up with 6 hours worth of s1 (chaptes 2 and 3) within 2 hours but I'm confused with coding so I wil need to go to my teacher tomorrow.
    * Applied to Manor Hospital fo wok experience

    Tomorrw Goals:
    * Get A3 paper from school
    * Borow C1 textbook from friend
    * Revise C1 or S1 tomorrow
    * Get h.w. for S1 done

    Thats about it, and good luck guys!!!

    (No school uniform tomorrow!!!! )

    (Original post by shohaib712)
    Six hours ago, I was devastated by my revolting GCSE grades.... But after hours of feeling sorry for myself... I've decided, I'm going to smash my Alevel, UKcat, Bmat etc... so that I can get to a decent university, hopefully.

    Bg info (AKA MY SHIAT GRADES):

    Mathematicas - A
    Chemica (chemistry) - A*
    Biologica - B
    Physics - B
    English language - B - Fudging hated my teacher (she was a *****)
    English literature - B - Fudging hated my teacher (she was a *****)
    Historica - B - Fudging hated my teacher (she was a *****)
    Sociologica - A
    Espanol - B

    Sorry for the annoying nicknames - I was bored

    But the good thing is that my schoool is the most shiatest school in my area - so that should help me out with my uni application!

    My Alevel choices: Chemica, Biologica, Mathematicas, Economicas/phycologicas

    Grades that I'm hoping to achieve in the futuro:

    AS: Chemica - A, Biologica - A, Mathematicas - A, Economicas - A
    ALEVEL: All A's hopefully!
    UKCAT: 700 (Hopefully)

    Things that I will do to ensure I get the grades:
    • Can only go on laptop/phone after 9.00pm/during running/gym/revision
    • Revise ahead of class (so lessons feel like revision sessions)
    • Go over a variety of subjects not just 1 (this is what ****** me over with my GCSE's)
    • Spend free lessons revising over notes/ doing practice questions/ homework
    • Only an hour or 2 of watching anime/tv
    • Read more
    • Do more practice questions
    • Practice grammar and writting for economics
    • Finish revision early - then do lots of pp
    • Eat well - no more junk food cuz it maks me feel tired :P
    • Sleep early
    • Revise more
    • Read over notes regularly
    • Practice teaching the topics to help understand it more.
    • Practice timing and answer all questions
    Thats about it, I will start tomorrow and update you in the night. Oh and if I dont update you that means I havent bothered revising, in that case please spam this thread to motivate me!

    Thank you and good luck to other dedicated students and well done to the amazing students who got their well deserved grades today
    Hey congrats on your gcse grades and I hope you smash your a levels!!!
    I am also doing maths, chemistry and economics!

    (Original post by sfaraj)
    honestly i get you mate, I got:
    A* Arabic
    A* RS
    A Maths
    A Eng Lit
    A Geography
    A Chemistry
    B Biology
    B Drama
    B Spanish
    C Physics (dumb butt teacher who pretended he was a fairy with a pet dragon made of paper)
    C English Lang (resiting cos my stupid teacher)

    and i was so bumbed out cos my results mean that I couldnt take bio a-level needed an A so i might resit it???

    where do you plan on going to for uni, what course?

    i spoke with a teacher at my school about taking as bio or whatever and she was like, where do you want to go and i said med-ish area and no lie all the teachers at my school lower you down, she told me im at a disadvantage cos of my grades and that everyone will have loads of A* and As straight. thanks a lot bish

    anyway i take chem, psych, maths and geog. so somewhat similar. if you every want help or whatever pop up
    Ah do NOT listen to your teachers! They sound like little *****- teachers are meant to inspire and motivate you, not put you down! Yes, medical school is very competitive and many people have a/a*s at gcse, however you can still smash your a levels and achieve amazing grades!!! Make sure you prove your teachers (and anybody else who doesn't think you have a chance) wrong! You can, and you WILL get into med school! Best of luck!x

    Don't worry- I didn't exactly work for my gcse's either...

    (Original post by shohaib712)
    Yeah I think I mentioned it on your thread.
    Economics- OCR
    Maths - EDEXCEL
    Chemistry - OCR
    Biology - OCR

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    Hi I am also doing OCR Economics, Edexcel maths and OCR A chemistry! How are you finding chemistry?
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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