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    [QUOTE=Junaid16]If you wanted to take 5, your college will probably expect almost straight A*s and A's[/QUO
    Not true mate, I'm taking Further Maths and Triple science and I only got 4 A's 4 B's and 6 C's, however I attended a terrible school with very very poor grades so because my A's were in my core subjects and I beat almost everyone im my year from my school they happily let me take 5.

    P.S I attend Solihull Sixth Form and also 5 AS levels are not a big difference to 4 if you're not taking further maths.

    Planning on taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics. Opinions?

    I'm taking Physics, Maths and Psychology.

    Would really like to study Law at Uni; I'm aiming for Oxbridge.
    I'm sure about English Lit, History and Maths but am unsure about my fourth subject, I was thinking either Law or Economics. I know some see Law as less academic than other subjects but I really feel it would help me out. Will oxbridge look down on me for this choice? Bearing in mind that I'll still be doing 3 other very traditional subjects.

    (Original post by Fragile_Illusions)
    Nahh, by soon I mean I've got college open days to go to next month and then the applications after that.

    What did you think of Economics? I don't really know what to expect from the course...
    well, I took Economics at GCSE so at the moment, it's not too hard. I like economics, anyway :3 it's interesting! (common word, but it is really cool, learning about how the economy works).

    (Original post by itsjordan)

    I'm thinking of taking these subjects for a-levels too!
    Are they challenging? I'm definitely taking bio and chem, then either maths or physics or both or history and maths/physics. Our school only lets you take 4 a levels unless you're like a geniusss.

    Bio and Chem are awesome at the moment! Can't really comment much though since we're only a month in :L
    The only reason i'm allowed to do 5 btw is because my maths'll be done by the end of year 12, and I need to be able to drop a subject after that!
    Wow, physics and maths are pretty much the same (aside from theory physics) so it depends on what you want to do really :P

    I thinking at the moment;
    then can't decide between Biology or Physics :rolleyes:
    It'll probably change a million times during this year though :p:

    (Original post by Marshmallowize)
    I feel like the only person at my school who hasn't changed options since September:
    Maths A2,
    Chemistry AS
    Biology AS
    Physics AS
    History AS (Y)
    You'll struggle with 5 especially since ones a full blown a-level. my advice would be to do 3 as and maths a2, then pick up the 4th as in your second year.
    just my two cents.

    (Original post by laura94)
    You'll struggle with 5 especially since ones a full blown a-level. my advice would be to do 3 as and maths a2, then pick up the 4th as in your second year.
    just my two cents.
    Some people are doing that, I decided not to in the end- knowing me I wouldn't ever get around to doing the fourth one!
    It's kinda nice at the moment because there are quite a few of us doing 5 because of the maths so we're all helping each other :woo:
    Congrats on your GCSEs btw!

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