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    Ok i need people to co operate by sending questions they remember not in any particular order....trying to remember a day later actually pretty hard :P

    1.When did families of both trilobites and graptolites decline:
    2. What were differences in evolution or something:
    More trilobites and trilobites lasted longer
    3. Name one way in which jointing could of formed :
    Weathering, tensile stress etc
    4. Name one process which could of lead to angular blocks falling off
    I put freeze thaw water enter cracks freezes expands by 10% repeats over many years till it becomes loose from the rest of the outcrop then it falls off
    5. Conclude that the sandstone was aeolian
    Well its not aeolian 3% mica you never ever find mica in aeolian also sub angular quartz shows low energy condition hence fluvial
    6. - Quartz
    - Sub Angular
    - Poorly sorted
    7. What type of fault :
    -thrust fault/low angle reverse etc..
    8. Name on thing in field which could of proved it was this fault
    i put fault breccia but remember there are millions of answer this is just a guide :P
    9.describe the jointing
    - I put that it was vertical and horizontal, average spacing 0.5m
    10. What part of a trilobite was found
    Could of been either tbh but im sure it was pygidium
    11. which was the youngest rocks
    I put dolerite dyke and conglomerate
    12. Name one metamorphic rock HAHA wjec have run out of questions
    13. Explain why its that fault
    The hanging wall has gone up compared to footwall so it reverse and below 30 degrees so thrust fault..
    14. Cant remember question but answer was Pyritisation - replacement molecule by molecule of pyrite from its original material..
    15. mineral was pyrite brass yellow etc..
    16. The one about why has feldspar and mica decreased in SST was to do with mohs scale quartz has a hardness of 7 and plagioclase has a harness of 6 so quartz erodes the plag when its being transported..
    17 North south strike, angle was different and cant remember other one..

    All i can remember put questions below for me to add or answer you think i should add
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