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WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma (business)??

I'm in year 13 studying a level history, psychology, welsh bacc and the WJEC level 3 applied diploma in business with the intention of studying law at a RG. My school does not offer business as an a level.

I understand the business diploma qualification may hinder my application - despite having strong predicated grades across all my subjects.
Should I do business a level in one year as an independent candidate? There is much overlap between the two subjects so it would not be the case of starting and self teaching an entirely new a level within 1 year.
How would this work in terms of a predicted grade?
Or apply this year with the diploma, 2 a levels and the WB?
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Check with individual Unis about the WJEC Business qualification - some top Unis may not accept it for Law, or will prefer 3 A levels.

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