can anyone help me out with one of my review questions for my int trade course? Watch

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i am having a hard time with my review question for one of my economics courses. the first part (a) isn't obviously a problem but im a little confused with the shape of the ppf and what exactly they are asking me for. if anyone can help me figure this out would be great.

Suppose that, with a given unit of labour, India can produce 40 basketball hoops or 60 basketballs and Nepal can produce 10 basketball hoops or 30 basketballs. This scenario is illustrated below:

hoops (H) balls (B) India 40 60
Nepal 10 30

a. Explain absolute and comparative advantage for India and Nepal.

b. If each country has 1000 person-days of labour, construct each country’s production-possibility curves.

c. If Nepal wants to consume equal amounts of both goods (as many units of hoops as balls), how much of each good will be produced and consumed if there is no trade between the two countries?

d. Assume that the equilibrium terms of trade are 1H=2B. If Nepal still wants to consume equal amounts of both hoops and balls, show its points of production, consumption, and the amounts of exports and imports.

e. Show the gains from trade for Nepal.

thank you in advance for helping me!
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Hi there,

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