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    Not sure


    (Original post by Peregrine falcon)
    Yeah, we get study leave, though it starts a bit later than some other places I have friends in. Last year our study leave (AS) started on the 12th of May
    That's good, at least you do get study leave.
    When you were doing your As how many full days(8:25-4:25) did you have? Like did u have a lot of frees so that you didn't have to attend 8 hours a day?

    This year is the first year the timetable has been from 08:30 - 16:30. The year I was doing AS, it was 08:45 - 15:40 (good times). There was a fair amount of frees, I think I only had one full day. Even this year, with four A2s, I still only have one full day. So you rarely have to stay for a whole eight hours, and if you do, you would probably have at least one free (my one full day has a three hour free in the middle). So the amount of frees is definitely good I'd say.

    I guess that's not that bad, thank you for answering my questions

    Um, has anyone got an interview yet?

    I've been predicted 6A* & 4A, and everyone tells me that I should get a place.
    I'm not Catholic, but I'm Hindu. I sent in my religious reference extremely early, but my incompetent teacher couldn't send in our academic references on time.

    Apparently, according to him, he contacted the school and they said everything is alright for the applicants from our school.

    Still, I'm worried, so I want to know if anyone has got an interview, so I can phone up and ask why my academic reference hasn't been sent.
    Usually, if you don't get in, you'd a rejection email, right?

    I haven't even got that.


    This is why you shouldn't go to my school. -.-

    Everyone's already been offered places... There weren't any interviews

    I think my nocks were similar maybe a bit less and I got an offer !

    Call them to find out cos everyone got offers at the start of April!
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