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Hi. Could you please have a read of the summary I plan to put in my critical essay on "R&J" - it would go after the introduction. Suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks:

Theplay is set in Verona, Italy and tells the story of a young couplewho fall in love and marry in secret as the prolonged fude betweentheir families would never allow them to be together. Romeo Montaguekills Juliet's cousin in a duel before their wedding night and isforced to leave the city of Verona in the morning, with the threat ofbeing put to death if he ever returns. Capulets choose a futurehusband, Paris, for Juliet – not knowing she is already married-and force her to marry him. She refuses but then agrees, planning tofake her death and escape to be with Romeo. She takes a sleepingpotion and appears to be dead, so is layed in a tomb by her parents.However, Romeo is not informed about the plan and when he visits thegrave, finds her 'dead' and takes his life away with poison.Awakening, Juliet sees her beloved one and when kissing his lips doesnot poison her, she kills herself with Romeo's dagger.

I was thinking of adding a bit more about their parents after the tragedy? - The essay in general will be on her struggle with family duties and the theme of parents vs children.

Many Thanks
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Talk about the emotions in the play & language techniques used to portray them.

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