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poker at durham

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Even more gutting was when I had 8, 3 in my hand and folded it, and 3 8s came up on the flop.

Tbh, you'd have to be a complete idiot not to fold that to a bet pre-flop unless you're rolling in it, and feeling bloody lucky....

Lol, I love it when theres trips on the board. SOOO much senseless bluffing by all around the table as everyone frantically tries to work out who's sitting on quads... It's just hilarious when you have the quad and are watching everyone else try and bluff having the hand!
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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was loving it when after the river the 5, 6, 7, and 9 of diamonds were all there, with 3 players left. The betting was a bit conservative, but one guy got a straight, followed by a flush, then the last guy had the 8 of diamonds! Incredible hand!
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This sounds fun! I'm going to have to brush up on playing poker properly though, need to read up on big and small blinds because I haven't played using them, oh well I'm sure there'll be friendly matches I can play in initially to learn before I bet away my uni money! :p:

I'm probably going straight home after the open day Danny cos I don't live far away so will probably go back to school for last lesson or at least to pick up work, but if we're both in VM and interested in poker and monopoly I'm sure we'll meet each other some day!